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Mokupāpapa (French Frigate Shoals) is an open atoll consisting of a large, crescent-shaped reef surrounding numerous small, sandy islets. While the land area is only 67 acres, the total coral reef area of the shoals is over 232,000 acres.



  • Mokupāpapa is an atoll of reefs, low sand islets, and the 120-foot high La Perouse Pinnacle. Moku ʻisletʻ combined with pāpapa
    ʻlow, flat, expansive reefʻ means ʻislets with low-lying reefsʻ.

  • Recorded in chants, the name Mokupāpapa refers to an island, or islands, of the nameʻs decription located northwest of Niʻihau. The nearest shoal-like place is French Frigate Shoals.